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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Tom Hickathrift News and on the radio!

My children's novel The Legend of Tom Hickathrift is set for release from Mogzilla on 1st March. You can pre-order directly from their website now! By coincidence, the BBC Radio Norfolk show Treasure Quest, where a presenter in a car has to follow clues to travel from Norfolk village to Norfolk village, ended up in Tom's birthplace - Marshland St James. The result was that I was asked on the follow-up show to talk about the legend of Tom Hickathrift itself, and the book. You can listen to it again as it's archived on their website. I appear about 30 minutes in to Treasure Quest Extra Time. They seemed to be quite impressed because I've been asked back for the weekday afternoon show - we just need to work out the details, so when I'm on I'll let you know. I haven't been on the radio since I was on BBC Radio 4's The Learning Curve in 2007, so this is quite exciting! Now that we're so close to publication, there have been a couple of tweaks to the cover by my old mucker Paul Harrison-Davies, the line now known as 'Freaky Folklore'. I guess I need to start thinking about a possible follow-up! You can also whet your appetite by reading the first chapter of the book, which Robin at Mogzilla has kindly made available on their website. Click those links! I'm hoping to do some promotion for the book soon - please feel free to contact me or Mogzilla if you're a bookshop (especially a local one) and would like to do something. As it's based on a local legend, I'm hoping to do something at a local venue when the book comes out - I'll let you know when I know! Mogzilla also do school workshops. I'd love to know what people think of the book - particularly children - so feel free to contact me or leave comments below!

Sunday, 13 January 2013


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