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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Amnesia Agents Activated!

My new graphic novel with artist James Gray has reached 100% of the goal we set on Kickstarter in just 7 days! This means it's funded enough to print the book and provide some extra rewards. As we pick up more backers, we will be ale to enhance what we hope is already a premium product!
So, what's it about and why should you be interested?

'Amnesia Agents' is an original graphic novel with 48 pages of story plus supplementary material in  US comic book sized format with a full colour glossy card cover, squarebound.
Have you ever wondered what happens to the things you forget? When you forget where you put your keys or an odd sock, where a building was or when an appointment should be, where do you think your memories go? Do you ever get that feeling where you know you've forgotten something important, but can't remember what it is? Do you ever revisit the street that you grew up in but something seems to be missing?
There is a place where these memories end up, a place just beyond what we can normally see and hear - or remember. Sometimes, when enough people forget a person, or a person wishes hard enough to be forgotten, he can find himself in this place. It is a place full of forgotten things. It is a place for the lost, and for stray memories. It is a place full of cracks where dangerous things from other places can slip through, but also where lost sources of hope can be found. It is a place called Echo.
Amnesia Agents can be anyone. Any one of us at any time could have knowledge of who were are wiped from the world and replaced by a new persona until the job is done. Theseus Brown is a newly recruited Agent paired with the more experienced Persephone Mills. When a strange anomaly causes memories to go astray, they are tasked with tracking down and fixing the problem. They haven't counted on a murderous jealous brother of a rock star, or a desperate teenager searching for a man only she can remember. And what evil forces drive the Forget Foxes and the mysterious Lurids?
You can back the Kickstarter project here.

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