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Saturday, 13 April 2019


1982. I was on my way home from delivering those free papers that everyone throws away, and I paused at a newsagent’s window. There it was: the first issue of Warrior, only 50p for six new action heroes!  I had to go back the following morning and grab it along with that week’s 2000AD. It was quite something – the first episodes of Marvelman, V for Vendetta and all those other action heroes. I had no idea who any of them were but finding out was the first step on a journey fondly remembered.
2018. Reminiscing about Warrior, I mocked up a cover of a hypothetical magazine that I called Brawler, a synonym for an action hero. What if, I pondered to my fellow comics creators, we pooled our talents to do something like this? What if a single anthology contained those comics that we were already creating? It was little more than a half-joke really, but suddenly we had a plan. Seven new action heroes. Some are established characters; some are brand new. Some are from established creators; some are from fresh talent. Time Bomb Comics as publisher was the natural choice for this creative explosion. Welcome to Brawler!

Featuring a new chapter of AMNESIA AGENTS by me and James Gray and the return of KEIKO PANDA by me and Mitz, BRAWLER features an array of telent from across the UK comics scene!

Take a look at the Kickstarter and judge for yourselves!

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