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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

From Topographic Oceans to Dinosaurs - an update from Cobblers.

So, 2019 has been busy so far. I started the year thinking that I wouldn't have much going on, but here I am with at least three projects to tell you a little more about.


My next Commando adventure, entitled 'The Sunken Avenger', comes out on 16th May. It's set in the Pacific, during the Phillipines War, and is centred on a stand-off between a downed Japanese kamikaze pilot and the crew of a wrecked American fighter. As ever, it's not as simple as that, with betrayal, danger and deadly sharks! I have anotherdue for 2020 at the moment, slated for then as it is to coincide with a particular anniversary. There may be more in between! Watch this space!

Our Kickstarter campaign for BRAWLER has reached the halfway point. This started as a speculative what-if that turned into reality: what if something like 80s anthology Warrior were around today? And here it is, with new Amnesia Agents and Keiko Panda strips from me and new material from a wide array of established and new UK indie comics talent. Check out the details at Kickstarter! So much credit for the success of the pre-order and promotion goes to Steve Tanner, as it's found a home at his Time Bomb Comics.


Cobley's Classic Rock and Prog Show continues to bring the best of the genre to the masses! Listen via the Radio Abbey website or the TuneIn app every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm. This week's show devotes half of it to The Story of Genesis Part One!

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